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A previous limit of 50,000 years on the age of material which could be dated, set by the limits on the ability of the proportional counter used to record beta particle emissions, has been extended to 70,000 years by the use of isotopic enrichment, the artificial enrichment of the C14 to C12 ratio.CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: Absolute pollen counting is the determination of the number of grains of each pollen type per unit weight (grains/gram) or unit volume (grains/cm3) of sample.Ideally, a series of dates should be obtained for any deposit as a series may cluster around a central point.New refinements continue to improve the technique's accuracy as well as extend the range of dates which can be achieved.Relative dates may be obtained form time-related chemical changes which occur in bone, especially in fluorine, uranium, and nitrogen.Still, the most commonly used is CATEGORY: flora DEFINITION: A small pine tree, approximately 15-40 feet (5-13 m) high, which is the oldest living tree in the world.Anglian is more often used to describe the group of deposits or the one glaciation (antepenultimate) of that time..The lower case 'bp' represents uncalibrated radiocarbon years; the capitals BP denote a calibrated radiocarbon date, or a date derived from some other dating method, such as potassium-argon, that does not need calibration.

Most of the evidence of human activity in Britain and Europe is later than this time.It is native to the Rocky Mountains of the United States, at elevations above 7,500 feet (2,300 m), and they have the longest life-span of any conifer.A stand of this tree in eastern Nevada is known to have several trees over 3,000 years old, and one of them is thought to be about 4,900 years old.When organic matter dies it ceases to exchange its carbon, as carbon dioxide, with the atmosphere, so its C14 dwindles by decay and is not replenished.Determination of the radioactivity of carbon from a sample will reveal the proportion of C14 to C12, and this will in turn, through the known rate of decay of C14, give the age of, or more accurately the time elapsed since the death of, the sample.

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