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The problem is mainly relevant for the laptops, because on those a local version of Office is installed.With the previous version of the receiver (3.4 Enterprise) FTA redirection worked fine.TKGS is a channel update system that renews the entire the channel database of the compatible receivers and Smart TVs using the data updated and transmitted continuously by TURKSAT over TURKSAT satellites.Facilities introduced by TKGS Standard channel searching methods create various difficulties for many of satellite viewers when updating their satellite receivers.Due to the difficulties experienced by our viewers to keep their set-top boxes up-to-date for TURKSAT satellites with the increasing number of broadcast services, a new channel update system (TKGS) was commissioned by TURKSAT in 2013.It was adopted by many satellite receiver and Smart TV manufacturers to eliminate difficulties experienced with the standard channel searching methods.We have Windows 8.1 clients with installed Receiver 4.7. Automated content redirections are working properly for all file types that aren't assigned to default Client OS integrated tools. This should activate automated content redirection for all defined file type associations for all assigned published applications.

Firmware upgrade for devices with separated management and stream ports It can be used only over 1.08 version devices!When the network connection was dropped, the local installation of Office was automatically assiociated to the Office extensions.In the newer 4.2.100 version, recently installed on many laptops by our helpdesk, this does not work. It seems that file type association redirection works partially.What is new: in case of reset the default IP address of the management port is 192.1Firmware upgrade for EDGE, Bridge and IP TV Remultiplexers It can be used only for the following devices.EDGE Remultiplexer CW-4458, CW-4558 IP TV Remultiplexer CW-4456, CW-4556 Bridge Remultiplexer CW-4450 What is new: TS analyzer bug fixed, hard reset settings bug fixed, NIT table fixed (only in case of Remultiplexer board upgraded after 31 January 2017).

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