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You could sell 30min chunks of consulting time to help people out of problems they have gotten into or show them how to do something they are struggling with. The last thing you want to do is rely on Google for both your traffic AND your revenue.People don’t want “stuff”, they want solutions or they want to achieve something. Instead you want to attract your visitors as much as possible from referrals with SEO as a nice side source.At the very least it doesn’t seem as glamourous now, does it? Examples of the second category would be the stereotypical blog – any of the gadget and tech blogs, such as Techcrunch, Gizmodo, et al. They use advertising (and affiliate links), and therefore are “monetized” media and eyeballs, clicks and page impressions.

If that commodity does not have an already in demand brand name that you can rank in search for (especially for the purchasing type phrases, such as “[Brand] Review” or “Buy [Brand]”, then expect to need an eye-watering amount of traffic. You are also going to need a design that drives as many people towards clicks or purchases as possible.

Don’t overlook that – I get questions every day from people confused with domains, hosting and FTP – all things Roman knows well.

The best place to be is to find an audience with a self-identified problem that you can solve (profitably).

Yes, I would say Roman is following the “Magazine” format, and he is facing the classic challenges of that format.

While there are nice benefits to the magazine style format, there are several challenges too.

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