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“And especially for Catholics, dating back to the 19th-century Blaine amendments, up to the present day, there have been threats from the federal government as well as state and local governments that really restrict our freedom to be able to serve people in our charitable ministries, as well as people trying to live out their Catholic faith or whatever faith they have. Constitution prohibit the use of public funds for “sectarian” schools. Although Trinity Lutheran received a high score on its application for the grant, the school was denied because of its affiliation with a church.

Religious freedom isn’t just for us as Christians, but it’s for everyone.” Blaine amendments are in the constitutions of 37 states. James Blaine of Maine, the amendments bar public money from going to churches. This amendment to the Missouri Constitution figures into a case currently before the U. The court’s ruling is expected during the Fortnight for Freedom.

By Josephine von Dohlen, Catholic News Service In launching this year’s Fortnight for Freedom, the U. Conference of Catholic Bishops is calling for renewed dedication to protecting religious freedom.

“Freedom for Mission” is the theme of the 2017 Fortnight for Freedom, taking place June 21 to July 4.

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“Its something that we need to keep in our minds and really pray about, because prayer is really the most powerful thing that we have to try to solve these issues,” Byrnes said.

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It requires hospitals and physicians — including Catholic ones — to “provide the hormonal treatments and even the surgeries even if it’s contrary to their professional judgment” to patients who want to become a different sex.

He will celebrate a special Fortnight Mass July 3 in Orlando, Florida, during the U. Byrnes said the media tends to hide the fact that religious freedom is an actual issue, leaving people reluctant to talk about threats to that freedom.

“We have been dealing with religious freedom issues for a really long time in our country,” Byrnes told Catholic News Service in an interview June 20. The case involves a Missouri state grant that gives schools and nonprofits recycled tire pieces to use as a safer playground surface.

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