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Here we will look at some of the causes of trapped wind.Eating When you eat it is possible to swallow excess air along with your food and that of course leads it to your stomach.Incorrect Breathing If you are breathing incorrectly and gulping air for whatever reason then this of course can also cause the same problems.

Cumin Seeds Cumin seeds are great for indigestion as well as gas pain and can help almost instantly.

Stress Stress can have effects on the stomach, and particularly if you suffer from IBS which has been linked in several studies to psychological factors.

At the same time stress can cause hyperventilation and strange breathing patterns which can also contribute to wind.

This is particularly likely if you have a tendency to eat very quickly, or if you are prone to chewing with your mouth open.

This isn’t particularly polite either, so now you have another reason not to eat that way.

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