Celibacy abstinence dating

Like I said, it is not that I don't have the desire, I just choose to control it, instead of vice versa.

I have been hurt in many relationships, because the girl decided to have sexual relations before meeting me.

When we do things such as this that we know we shouldn't, innocent people also get hurt, not just the participating.

I have broken up with women for several different reasons, sex is not just one of them.

When one dates, they have to deal with the possible rejection that comes when informing your partner know that you are not going to have sex. My abstinence partner encouraged me to have the abstinence discussion at the beginning of the dating process to weed out the "clowns" earlier on so that it won't hurt as much.

I agree that it is a shame that people dont wait until marriage to have sex( and Im one of them! Of course, the other choice would have been to leave her, which was out of the question, because it would have been too cruel, therefore Unthinkable.

I agree that women have added a GREAT deal to this sexual debacle.

There are many men who say 1) they have either never been in a relationship with a woman who didn't want to have sex or 2) the women they have dealt with say no to sex in the beginning, just to give in to it later on. I wish more women would say no and stick to no sex before marriage.

Peace Robbie Thanks for your clarifying response Robbie.

The men in my life have sometimes made me feel like I am taking crazy pills.

My world is very active and full of a lot of people but I have joined this forum to interact with different people who share my views on sex. I find that it is easy to abstain or be celibate when you are not dating.

I do want to marry one day but would prefer if the man I am dating wasn't all "used" up and tolerating abstinence because he was all sexed out. Men - can you really be celibate in a relationship? I am 47 years old, and a male bye the way, I have have been abstinant and celibate my entire life.

I am healthy, and do have sexual desires, but like you, I think that is something to be saved for marriage.

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But since we have to get pass the dating phase before we are married, I would like to gain insight from others who are dating the way I would like to date.

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