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I can only hope that change in gender politics is embraced with the same level of enthusiasm as the recent, broader changes in the political arena.Until then, woe is me for the misfortune of being born a woman.If they don’t have it, they’ll be “spoken to” — in other words, reprimanded. I had a conversation about alcohol with a man who said he did not object to women drinking but that they should not drink as much as men. I have heard both men and women discuss sexual assaults with empathy before ending the conversation by saying something like, “That’s why girls should not go out at night” I have heard a family member talk about how her 24-year-old daughter has never gone out at night, as if she’d won a prize.I also know women who put out clean face towels and a toothbrush and toothpaste for their husbands every morning – just in case he loses his way in the house he’s been living in for half a decade, together with the ability to reach for what he needs himself. The message was that because she had managed to ensure her daughter only went out during the day, she must be a good mother.By POE HAN THAR KYAW | FRONTIER I’VE BEEN living in Jamaica for the past 14 years and recently ended a four-month visit to Myanmar, where I was born.For the most part, I loved being back in my motherland.

I am not pushing a Western agenda on a different culture.

I would love to have been born a man in Myanmar because it would mean little or no judgement about my independent choices, including going wherever I wanted.

I have been told point-blank that there was no need for boys living at home to learn anything more than washing the dishes. Because after they move out of the family home, they will be entering the next stage of their lives as husbands.

I have heard another relative praise his girlfriend because she had only ever dated him and that he refused to go out with women who had dated other men, as if there was an inverse relationship between her value as a woman and the number of men she’d dated.

I am not saying that being a modern, independent woman involves dating many men, going out every night, drinking and going home with men. A woman should be able to stay home and cook and knit just as comfortably as another woman should be able to wear a short dress, hang out in nightclubs and come home at 3am.

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Meeting singles from Myanmar has never been easier.

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