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This method of sampling is less harmful to the tree, but taking part of the tree core does run the risk of injuring the tree.Pests, the natural elements, and other things can also invade the core of the tree after a core sample is taken and harm the trunk.The second method of accessing the rings of a tree for counting is to take a core sample of the tree trunk.To take a sample, researchers use a tool called an increment borer that takes only a portion of the trunk measured from the pith to the bark of the tree.

Once the core sample is obtained, the tree’s age is determined by counting the number of rings evident in the sample.Note: Bradford White uses a 20-year letter designation rotation in serial numbers shown in the chart below.Therefore, please be aware that water heaters manufactured 20 years apart will have the same serial number “letter year” designation. For a complete water heater dating chart visit your Tucson water heater is 10 years or older you should consider replacing it before it fails and potentially could cause damage.Each year, most trees add an extra layer of growth to their trunks. As the tree gets older, the inside of the trunk looks like it is made up of a series of circles.The center of these circles, or the absolute core of the tree, is known as the pith.

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