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(Yes, we understand our list is filled with plenty of perfect couples but come on now, Rachel Mc Adams and Ryan Gosling are basically perfect). Derek and Meredith should have had a lifetime together, they SHOULD have grown old together, but in Shondaland, the carousal never stops turning.**Forever sobbing.** Marsh-mallow and Lily-pad didn’t need online dating – from the moment they first met, they knew it was true love.The new OKCupid The Datable, a new social dating site, allows users to tag their single or, more selectively, “datable” Facebook friends—so that prospective dates can browse for partners within three degrees of separation, i.e. Non-singles can join too, but expect to be tagged as a “wing.”Not just 140 characters The web series network Blip will partner with Twitter in its launch of “expanded tweets”—which will include links to partner websites and content previews allowing users to view images, play videos and more, all within the tweet itself.DIY Pintrest competitor The Fancy has partnered with the peer-to-peer marketplace Zaarly so that users can buy and sell DIY items like this Lego head propane tank and these Cookie Monster cupcakes.The team is apparently celebrating its success with a new playlist entitled “Pre-gaming with Ke$ha,” curated by the namesake herself.Blue ribbon Spotless City won first place at the Ultra Light Startups Pitch Showdown last week.Many characteristics were short lived as new mount designs and features were constantly introduced by the printers to encourage photographers to buy more mounts so as to remain up to date and in fashion.

, our unique, automated DIY dating Wizard will date your carte de visite or cabinet card. The Wizard is based on the detailed and extensive analysis of over 10,000 dated cartes de visite and cabinet cards supplemented by examination of trade directory dates for over 33,000 UK photographers and 65,000 studio addresses.

And as far as dysfunctional, love-hate relationships go, Chuck and Blair enraptured audiences everywhere.

Despite all the drama, Chair are everything we could hope to be, and if that wasn’t enough then we leave you with this: “Three words, eight letters…say it and I’m yours.” ~Swoon.~ Granted, Rose had plenty of room on that door to share but let’s not get boggled down on the little things.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly give some unrealistic relationship goals, and actually that’s still true to this day.

After years of knowing looks, air high-fives, and witty pranks, we are all team PB&J forever. Love me.” Ugh, we will NEVER EVER get over Mer Der.

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