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If you’re in emotional pain and aren’t sure what to do next, then stick around and read my story. After I was raped, I also got involved with drugs and prostitution (as a way to cope with the emotional aspects of being raped)… Suicidal thoughts affect your mood and consume you, and that is why they are so problematic.

I had student loans to pay off, and my credit card debt was piling up. Once you get back a response from the concerned person, talk to them and open your heart to him/her. But if you can focus on the positive things about yourself, you will see that you are not a bad person.

You can also lock these things up until you feel relaxed or normal. This will again drag you into the same position where you were. It would be better if you opt to watch a comedy, and listen to some upbeat dance music. In general, people who drink alone tend to end up feeling worse than they already feel, and are more prone to committing suicide.

Knives, razors, scissors and any types of pills should be thrown out or should be kept away from your personal reach.

When I finally stopped puking, I went to bed and slept. I made up my mind that the next time I tried killing myself, I’d do it with a gun. Since I’ve never owned a gun (and don’t want one – they terrify me), I’m still alive. He had to stay in our city (Thunder Bay, Ontario) because he had visitation rights to see his son on the weekends. It will ruin all your creativity, happiness, talent and other positive factors of life. You will be exposed to new conversations, new situations, and more positive actions.

(Yeah, there’s a lot to my story that I am not telling you here. )I don’t really remember what happened next, but I know I was sick for a while. I was around 29 when I started teaching high school math and English. I was fresh out of university and in a two-year relationship with a guy. But when I was hired as a teacher, my boyfriend couldn’t move with me. You will keep thinking only about negative aspects of life or your situation, which is not good for you. By being around other people, you will be able to shift your focus and mindset.

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This will not only keep you busy but you also come to know that not everybody is the same.

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