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When you meet your girl, she will tell you what she wants to do.If it's a drinking/food/dancing date, icons will appear on the map to show you where the locations of these places are.Most of the sex appeal is achieved through the clothing, tattoos and haircut CJ has.

They are merely a fun alternative to the game that offer rewards for dating them. You dont have to date any, but some have good rewards. Each girl becomes available as you progress through the game but not all of them are aquired through missions.Lot's of people have reported her to be 'never in' and I myself have had trouble catching her in.Keep trying though, she will eventually be at home).If you eat more than 10 portions, CJ will puke and lose all the fat gained.) Just after 00.00 hours.(it appears as though it's difficult to catch Michelle in.

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After 50% progress with denise, the green hustler parked outside her house becomes unlocked, but if you get a tractor or tow truck, you can drag the hustler to your garage and unlock it that way. Seeing as you get one later in the game much more easily, there doesnt seem much point in dating this girl. Make sure CJ has less than 25% muscle and as little fat as possible, but make sure he has alot of sex appeal at the same time.

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