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You're making a sex salad, and the vibrator is the cucumbers. Kissing during an orgasm adds an emotional intensity, like you can almost feel your partner's orgasm vibrating through you, like when you went on a field trip to the science center and all held hands while someone touched that electricity orb.

Mak is one of the most puzzling signs in the Mayan Calendar since its meaning is not clearly defined.You feel a pull towards travel activities and desire to experience new places.Your power animal is a dog, so you possess qualities like loyalty and inner strength.Since the Mayans spoke multiple languages, their Calendar had many variations like the 260-day count is known as Tzolkin, 365-day calendar known as Haab’, Calendar round for 52 Haab’ years or 18,980 days (the Calendar Round is still in use by many groups in the Guatemalan highlands), Long count was dated from September 6th 3114 BC to September 21st 2012.With 365-day calendar or the Haab’ being the closest to the Gregorian calendar, we will be taking up the Haab’ calendar as a base for our further discussion.

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