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His early loves included Kiss – Gene Simmons is a big fan of X Japan – Led Zeppelin, the Sex Pistols and David Bowie, he says, though classical albums stayed on his playlist as well.“I think everything kind of got mixed up, all those genres,” he says.“We are very excited, but also a little nervous,” says Yoshiki, 52, by phone from Tokyo where the drummer, pianist and songwriter and his band mates in X Japan are in rehearsals for their Coachella debut.“I had neck surgery about one year ago, last May, so this going to be like a comeback show. “And we are one of few bands coming from outside the U.

“Almost the same time, our guitar player passed away.“Before I started drums I was only listening to classical music, like Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, stuff like that,” he says.“I didn’t know I would play rock until my father passed away.“Based on hard rock, but we put those elements, which kind of came organically, that were in me, my blood.” From the mid-’80s into the ’90s, X Japan was huge at home, its glam rock aesthetic credited with launching a trend in Japan known as “visual kei,” or makeup style, for the hair and makeup and costumes its members wore.But in 1997, after five albums, including one recorded entirely in English, the band split.

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