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After an online dating scam, clients always experience the aftermath of visiting dating sites and sharing personal information with the wrong person.

The online dating scammers are very low to an unbelievable level; And they become your stalker. online dating scammers will use a mistress to blackmail you and shake you down for some $$$; Since they’ve most likely recorded your conversations. The online dating scammers who has evolved and developed into a stalker, will be emailing and mailing phishing letters, including phone calls with threats of blackmail, because there are no secrets that they don’t know about you.

Related: The Long Island Serial Killer: Victims’ Families Are Still Desperate For Answers Dating and detective work have a lot in common.

As a detective who uses multiple aliases online when working a case, I know that finding your crush on social media is just the first step.

He or she may be a convicted felon, a serial scammer in financial trouble, married, a sex offender or have some type of court record.

That "special someone" may not be who you think they are. Before realizing, your bank account is empty or your identity stolen, and they are gone.

Your physical well being or your life may be at risk without knowing Are you getting involved with someone that you met recently, but something just does not quite seem right? Perhaps you may need peace of mind, or just need to know if your suspicions are correct Are you considering a business venture that sounds very profitable, but want to know who you are dealing with?

If you can’t find a record of the name anywhere, the person may not exist.

If their name does come up, you can see who else (kids, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend) pops up at the residence.

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