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The trouble with setting DHCP options 66 and 67 is that they increase troubleshooting complexity.

For example, clients may report “PXE-E53: No boot filename received” when attempting a network boot.

A client will appear to successfully PXE boot but will actually be taking a slightly longer route to failure.

The current best practice for network boots across subnets is to use IP helper addresses configured at the top network device of each subnet.

The distribution point, your task sequence, and your boot media must be configured to allow PXE booting.

These portions assume that the Windows Deployment Services Server service is started and running.

On the PXE tab, make sure that the Enable PXE support for clients check box is selected, along with the two check boxes that follow it.

If your DHCP server is already listed as a helper address, just add your distribution point’s address after it.If this works, your issue lies in the PXE broadcast and the inability for clients to locate the distribution point across subnets.When possible, avoid using DHCP options to connect clients to a distribution point.While the machine may PXE boot, it will fail to load a task sequence.Finally, ensure that devices connected to the network cable have an active link.

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