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The speed-dating model enables students to learn social skills – including how to introduce themselves to others, how to discuss their interests and ask questions of others and how to attend to other people’s communication, all of which are vital skills in any context – and practice them repeatedly in short, meaningful peer-led interactive episodes.

“It’s a very empowering activity for our young people and it recognises their status as young adults,” said Bernie White, Director of Education.

Arriving at the venue - which I noted was surprisingly plush - I realised that I was somewhere between mid-evening merry and outright drunk. I changed my strategy for the night to include my new character of witty, cheeky mockney rather than sophisticated city gentleman.

I soon realised that this was the least of my difficulties. Not that they were all movie star, model types, but they had clearly all made a real effort for the evening, not least my friends, who I swore were more than a little smug to find me looking dishevelled, scruffy and generally worse for wear.

Receiving my emailed matches was mostly a huge relief. A very healthy 6 matches put me in a respectable position amongst my peers.

Although the space lady didn't want to see me again I met up with a couple of the others and had good times with both.

It was also noticeable that many of the participants had prepared some questions prior to the event or at least given some thought to what their responses might be. Suitably chastened, not to say humbled, I resolved to raise my game after the break.

While most mingled and sipped cocktails at the bar, I popped outside with a strong black coffee. I conversed with a magnificent creature about the future of space travel (granted, my biggest contribution was to nod during a brief pause), I started to improve my flirting and if nothing else I endeavoured to listen.

The Mates ‘n’ Dates service has been developed to support adults with learning disabilities to exercise their right to socialise, make friends and potentially date.

I vowed to return in the near future and promised myself that next time the true me would shine through…

Adam Merton is currently compiling his second book on Dating rules and rituals in England (keep visiting the site for details).

I was on a six-week secondment to our Manchester office and friends had invited me to tag along on a Speed Dating evening which they had attended on a couple of occasions.

Despite their protestations to the contrary, I had always doubted their motives for going to these events.

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What is it they say about the best-laid plans of mice and er, Mancunians?

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