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The system will consist of a two node cluster, both running Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) Release 5 Update 4 for x86_64, Oracle RAC 11).Although this article should work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux (available for free) will provide the same if not better stability and will already include the ASMLib software packages (with the exception of the ASMLib userspace libraries which is a separate download).The Openfiler server will be configured to use this volume group for i SCSI based storage and will be used in our Oracle RAC 11 Release 2 (11.2), the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Oracle Clusterware software is packaged together in a single binary distribution and installed into a single home directory, which is referred to as the Grid Infrastructure home.

For example, the shared Oracle Clusterware files (OCR and voting files) and all physical database files in this article will be set up on only one physical disk, while in practice that should be configured on multiple physical drives.

The Oracle RAC software owner must also have the OSDBA group and the optional OSOPER group as secondary groups.

Automatic Storage Management and Oracle Clusterware Files As previously mentioned, Automatic Storage Management (ASM) is now fully integrated with Oracle Clusterware in the Oracle grid infrastructure.

Oracle ASM and Oracle Database 11 Release 2 provide a more enhanced storage solution from previous releases.

Part of this solution is the ability to store the Oracle Clusterware files; namely the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) and the Voting Files (VF — also known as the Voting Disks) on ASM.

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When configuring Oracle Clusterware files on a production system, Oracle recommends using either normal or high redundancy ASM disk groups.

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