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My first thought was, after years of dating and befriending hundreds of Jewish women – was that Not to sound like a jerk, but looking back at the girls in my life – and according to my friends who had experience on JDATE and other apps –very rarely did a Jewish supermodel with eyes like the girl in that photo show up in synagogue. Still, I argued that a Jewish dating site would not offer me any temptation.Sure, there are your Scar Jo’s and your Mila Kunis’s and of course Bar Rafaeli, but to tell you the truth, the majority of Jewish girls I remember dating in the 90’s did not resemble Scarlett Johannsen – in fact, most of them looked more like David Johannsen. I was going to write a true, investigative article into the world of online Jewish dating apps – or as some call it, “Jewish Tinder.” I decided to register as a single man in his 30’s on JFIIX with the intention of seeing what type of Jewish women were out there in the dating world today as compared to the swimsuit model featured in the ad. After all, I was, in general, not attracted to Jewish women. “If you do a week on your Jewish dating site, I get to do a week on Tinder.” It was the hall pass agreement for the screen generation.

After they went to bed, I paced the house like a maniac. At around the door opened and my wife ascended the stairs, skipped brushing her teeth and passed out. These apps might be effective for folks out there who can’t find the time for dating or casual meet and greets.

I felt like I was in a brothel or some lascivious red light district. She also mentioned she was working on a children’s book. He’s super cool – 25 – and sells edibles for a THC company.

I felt like I was betraying my kids, my wife my existence. I quickly signed off and decided to pull the rip cord on this entire story. I told her I was a touring rock star with lots of girlfriends and that I was due back on the road in three days to open up for My Morning Jacket. The rest of the date was pretty much silent and I shook her hand good-bye, promising to call her soon. “He took me to dinner at Craig’s, where I ran into Tony Halvarr – remember him from my acting class? He wants me to go to some basketball games with him this year, so we might keep in touch… ” The rest of the day was full of uncomfortable silences and me inaudibly moping around the house. As per our agreement, my wife and I deleted our respective accounts and agreed to never do something like this again.

The hard part would be convincing my WIFE to let me do this. Here we were, two middle-aged married people agreeing to explore the dating world as a social experiment for one week. JFIIX uses Facebook as your homepage, so I had to alter nearly every detail on my personal life.

The goal for me was nothing more than a good story and maybe a few laughs. I considered naming my profile “Guns ‘N Moses…” but I didn’t.

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